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How encore can help you

Why choose encore?

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Encourage Appreciation

Want to show your appreciation to your employees?

Give your people the chance to express more appreciation and say thank you. Using encore will establish an interactive, transparent culture of recognition.
Anyone can send rewards & recognitions regardless of hierarchy or locations. Recognitions are displayed in real-time on your digital wall, where they are visible to all.

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Boost Engagement

Want to increase employee engagement?

Strengthen your teams by improving communication and employee involvement.
Place your company values at the forefront of your recognitions. Platform users can join in by applauding and commenting on recognitions. Recognition and instilled company values drives motivation and collaboration, which can lead to more engaged employees.

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Simple to use

No time for complicated set-ups?

It only takes simple 5 steps!  
The quick encore self-onboarding helps to customise your platform within 20 minutes. encore is an easily accessible SaaS solution and easy to use. With encore's intuitive layout and navigation, your users won't require any training. Especially useful with remote, hybrid working and global teams. The platform offers multi-language options.

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Safe & Reliable

How about some (data) privacy?

As a joint venture, encore is founded in collaboration by two industry experts who are used to best security & privacy standards in their own companies; such as GDPR alignment, EU hosting and ISO certification. encorePeople is committed to protecting your data.


Share recognitions

encore allows users to share a recognition in 3 simple steps:

  1. Search for a colleague or a team
  2. Write a message explaining the reason for your appreciation
  3. Choose a matching company value

Make your recognitions more engaging by adding optional images, GIF, video or upgrade to a monetary reward

Press send. That’s it!

Users can join in by applauding and commenting. Giving a recognition becomes just as rewarding as receiving one.

An example of a recognition with comments, applauds and confetti.

Company values

Include a company value and corresponding badge to each recognition. Virtual badges highlight employee recognitions that are displayed digitally for all to see, appreciate and admire. Employees will want to earn badges and display them with pride. In this way, core values are perceived and lived every day.

encore's virtual badges are designed by you to reflect and define your company values, matching your branding.

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Create campaigns

Creating campaigns helps improve your company culture through recognitions while bringing your company together and promoting your brand. As an admin, you can create and customise your campaigns to your heart's content.

Campaign customisations include integrating users, adding and allocating user reward funds, setting denominations, plus more including selecting reward types:

  • Recognition
    A simple “ eThank You” Campaign
  • Monetary Reward
    Special occasions such as adding a monetary value to a recognition or awards
  • Recurring automated awards (non-monetary or monetary)
    Birthdays and Long Service Awards
Choose a campaign page showing our monetary rewards and non-monetary recognition templates to choose from with exploding confetti background.

Redeem rewards

encore assists international companies with global locations to offer locally desired rewards. Employees in all regions are treated and rewarded equally using country specific reward catalogues from over 120 countries.

Financial rewards are displayed in the users wallet and can be redeemed on the platform in the integrated voucher shop. This way, everyone can choose a reward they like.

iPhone displaying some gift card reward options for a recipient in residing in the US.

Analyse culture

encore's real time reporting suite tracks company culture, offering useful insights displayed in a clear dashboard.

Get visibility on how much is accomplished day to day which helps to continually refine employee engagement strategies by basing decisions on hard data rather than gut feelings.

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How much does it really take to encore your people?

5 FREE users on our Core plan enables you to trial encore for yourself. This Freemium is worth a try!

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